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Assimil Dictionary - Greek - French and French - Greek

ISBN: 9782700504484
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Book (dictionary) + electronic version. Indispensable complement to the method and improvement in learning Greek: 24,000 entries, 130,000 words, expressions and translations, 30,000 examples of use.

Electronic dictionary French - Greek & Greek French

ISBN: 9608689967X
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Electronic dictionary French - Greek and Greek - French of 300,000 words and expressions with self-correcting phonetics for French. (Approved by the Greek Ministry of Education)

Dictionnaire français - grec - Γαλλο-ελληνικό λεξικό

Dimitris Pandelodimos, Colette Lust
ISBN: 9786188016101
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Dictionnaire Français - Grec moderne = Γαλλοελληνικό Λεξικό

Georgios Galanes - les Editions Larousse
ISBN: 9789601636221
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Dictionnaire grec-français - Ελληνο-γαλλικό λεξικό

Dimitris Pandelodimos, Constantin Kaïtéris
ISBN: 9786188016118
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Dictionnaire Grec-Français & français grec (format de poche)

Dimitrios N. Pantelodimos
ISBN: 9789609331364
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Grammaire Vocabulaire Grec moderne

Jean-Pierre Robert, Maria Malamas-Robert
ISBN: 9782708014442
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Petite grammaire du grec moderne

Manolis Triandaphylidis
ISBN: 9789602310618
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Ρήματα (Verbs)

Maria Mandala
ISBN: 9789607598271

The book "Ρήματα" is a practical guide for the inflection of normal and irregular verbs of modern Greek. The book "Ρήματα" goes through the Greek language, easily and quickly finding the answers to your questions. The book "Ρήματα" is a book that contains questions.

Trésors des racines grecques

Jean Bouffartigue, Anne-Marie Delrieu
ISBN: 9782701149332
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