Ordering school books

Guide to supplying books

Books for the Franco-Cypriot school must be the subject of an order confirmed by a deposit payment.

The French education system has certain requirements imposed by the Ministry of National Education in France.
A list of books is required before the start of the school year by class and by subject. This list is fixed by the School at the end of June.
For parents who wish to order French-Cypriot school books through La Boîte à Lire, we inform you that ALL books on the list have to be ordered.
La Boîte à Lire provides you with a complete service.
You place an order in June and receive your books a few days before the start of the school year.

How to order

The system for ordering books from the Franco-Cypriot school online is now activated.
You have to place your orders using the "School Orders" link on this page.

We recommend one of the following procedures:
  • Add the student by indicating their full name and class.
Procedure 1:
  • Click on "++ Add All"
  • Delete unwanted books from the order list, in particular according to the sections concerned by the student.
  • When the order is complete, click on "Confirm Order
Procedure 2:
  • Click on "Add Item"
  • Then select the article and indicate the desired quantity. By default, the system proposes the quantity recommended by the school.
  • Validate.
At any time, you can delete an article by clicking on "Delete" for this article, or add an article individually by clicking on "Add an Article", then validate.
Important note: the deposit has to be paid before the deadline mentioned on the site. Otherwise the order will not be taken into account and will be cancelled.
To pay the deposit, you can:
1) Go to the bookstore
2) Pay by bank transfer, indicating the student's name.
  • BANK OF CYPRUS - ACCOUNT NO. 0130-11-108843
  • IBAN: CY41002001300000001110884300
Below you will find the deposit you have to advance:
  • CP / CE1 / CE2 / CM1 / CM2: € 50.00
  • 6th / 5th / 4th / 3rd / 2nd / 1st / Terminale: € 100.00

Please place your orders on time.

Your collaboration is essential so that we can provide you with the best possible service and so that your children have all their books in time for the start of the school year.
The order deadline is June 30 of each year and your orders will be ready for the start of the school year.
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