Que sais-je?

The first pocket-sized encyclopedia

Founded in 1941 by Paul Angoulvent, translated into 43 languages, distributed, for French editions, to more than 160 million copies, the collection "Que sais-je?" Is one of the most important international databases, built for the general public by specialists.

The author's policy, the regularity of reissues, openness to new disciplines and new knowledge, the universality of the subjects treated and the pluralism of approaches constitute a network of information and knowledge adapted to the demands of contemporary culture.

3,800 titles have been published since the beginning, by 2,500 authors. In 128 pages, the titles of the collection offer:

  • summaries on all subjects;
  • introductions to discover a discipline;
  • monographs to explain the thinking of the greatest authors;
  • analyzes to understand the immediate news;
  • short essays to understand the world of yesterday and today;
  • work tools for the student, knowledge tools for all.

Encyclopedic collection, “Que sais-je? »Reinvents itself every day to provide access to the knowledge of its time:

  • new subjects, new approaches: "What do I know?" "Is enriched each year by around fifty new products. 800 titles are currently available in bookshops;
  • the "What do I know?" "Are constantly updated: around ten updated editions are published each month;
  • all "What do I know?" Have 128 pages.
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Aristophane et l’ancienne comédie

P. Thiercy
ISBN: 9782130496489
En stock

The ancient Greek comedy which flourished in the fifth century BC represents more than six hundred plays of which only eleven Aristophanes' comedies and thousands of fragments remain. This work traces the origins of the genre, its structure and its rules, by studying more specifically the work of Aristophanes, its dramaturgy and its relationship with the politics of the time, its comic and poetic art. A great place is also given to the buildings of the Greek theatre of the fifth century, its setting in scene, the course of the representations and the importance of the theatre in the city. Pascal Thiercy is professor of Greek language and literature at the University of Western Brittany, president of the French Institute of Ancient Theater and director of the Center for Studies and Representations of Ancient Theater. He also directed several Aristophanes comedies.

Aristote et le lycée

J. Brun
ISBN: 9782130413943

Art et urbanisme

A. Charre
ISBN: 2130378781359
En stock


Alain Blondy
ISBN: 9782130486053

Darwin et le darwinisme

D. Buican
ISBN: 9782130402916
En stock

Education physique et sportive

R. Thomas
ISBN: 9782130456254
En stock

Encyclopédies et dictionnaires

A. Rey
ISBN: 2130374476
En stock

Linguist and lexicographer, Alain Rey was one of the main creators of Le Robert dictionaries. Alain Rey is the favorite lexicographer of the French.

Energie, environnement et urbanisme durable

P. Merlin / J.P. Traisnel
ISBN: 9782130477204
En stock

Enseignement à distance

J.P. Lehnisch
ISBN: 2130385044
En stock


R. Jaccard
ISBN: 9782130435587

Géographie et statistique

E. Vigneron
ISBN: 9782130483182
En stock

Géopolitique des minorités

P. George
ISBN: 2130385575
En stock

Grammaire de l’anglais

A. Tellier
ISBN: 2130360661
En stock

Grammaire du grec

Ch. Guiraud
ISBN: 2130373615
En stock

Histoire de l’enseignement en France

A. Léon , P. Roche
ISBN: 9782130458067
En stock

Histoire de l’enseignement en France

A. Léon / P. Roche
ISBN: 9782130537069
En stock

Histoire de l’individualisme

A. Laurent
ISBN: 9782130450788
En stock

Histoire de l’urbanisme

J.L. Harouel
ISBN: 2130390412
En stock

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